You may not be a manager yet, but there are three actions you can take to hone your leadership skills right now and become a highly respected and influential team member.

  • Devote time to daily growth. When we improve our skillset and become a slightly better version of ourselves than we were the day before, we initiate the process of becoming more valuable in terms of what we can offer and the level of impact we can generate.
  • Discover and embrace your personal strengths. While we all have areas we can improve, when it comes to building influence, your advantage will lie in discovering your strengths and using them to the best of your ability.
  • Improve your ability to connect with people. When it comes to leadership, making genuine connections is more advantageous, and anyone — introverts, ambiverts, or extroverts — can learn how to do this. It all comes down to how we communicate, rather than what we communicate. You can practice this skill by being intentional in your interactions with others — be vulnerable, authentic, and empathetic

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