About Us

A History of Integrity


Our Vision

Coneybeare is known for bringing the vigor normally associated with perm placements into the staffing industry.  We have particular expertise in recruiting specialized, knowledge based, skilled industrial, technical, and engineering roles for future focused companies (AI, Robotics, IOT, Aerospace, Defense, Renewable Energy and Sustainability related products and services).

We can help your company find exceptional employees at any level of your organization. We are highly responsive, and spend the time to research and understand your industry, company, and culture.

We incorporate our three core values into everything we do.


Our Core Values

Curiosity. Asking good questions is the core of what we do. From discovering your company culture to checking references, questions are the base of our business.

Adaptability. Flexibility to change with a fast changing world and to customize our solutions to each unique client’s needs is our niche. Building resilience makes us a better partner.

Grace. We are gracious in the way we treat others and the way we move through life.  Kindness and Integrity are essential to this, but it is also a spiritual quest, to make the world better for our having been here.