Your boss has just handed you a big project to complete. It’s a high-profile assignment, and you hope that it will give you greater visibility in your organization and maybe even lead to a promotion.

You’re so excited and passionate about it that you avoid it for weeks because you really want to wait until “just the right time” when you can focus on it for hours without interruption, when you’ve cleared all the little things off your task list, and your workspace is perfectly in order. The ideal time never arrives and, before you know it, you’re scrambling under immense stress with too much to do in too little time.

You may get the work submitted on time but not done to the standards you would prefer, or you may end up turning in a stellar product but miss the deadline, much to the recipients’ chagrin.

If this sounds like you–that, in your effort to really give the most important work your all, you end up feeling like you constantly blow it–you’re likely struggling with perfectionism. In my work as a time management coach, I’ve seen that the key to getting the most done to the highest level and impressing the most people is actually through aiming for less than perfect. Here’s how to adopt this more effective way of tackling your key projects.

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