Trust is at an all-time low – here’s what you can do about it

Trust is the foundation of strong interpersonal relationships. It is built through actions, not words – moment by moment, through multiple interactions. In the workplace, trust not only strengthens ongoing relationships but it’s also a predictor of high-quality work and performance.

Trust is fundamental for sustainable success. The smartest leaders in today’s workplace want to develop and retain employees who are happy and enjoy what they do. Building trust is complex as it involves multiple stakeholders, both internal and external. It requires competence, transparency, the right intent, and – above all – consistency.

Unfortunately, trust in businesses is in decline. One in three people doesn’t trust their employer. US, Germany, Japan, and the UK fall into distrust with scores below 50%, according to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. So, how can you successfully build trust in a fast-changing and distributed workplace?

In this post, I share why building trust in the workplace is crucial and how to build a culture of trust in your organization.

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