Our virtual meeting started with a “minute-to-arrive” practice. Jason Luk, a Verizon Media employee who holds the titles of advertising-sales account manager and global mindfulness lead, began:

Place your feet on the floor and lengthen your spine. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and begin to notice any sensations in the body. Look at internal weather patterns, noticing how do I feel right now. Set an intention…who will I choose to show up as during this meeting?

Not the typical start to an interview, but a welcome and calming one. This sort of mindfulness practice is becoming common in the workplace culture of a growing number of companies that are implementing systematic mindfulness programs in the form of mindful moments, speaker series, meditation app access, dedicated quiet rooms, and a wide variety of formalized mindfulness training. Why are these global enterprises spending employee time and financial resources on these programs? Turns out, for reasons including increased productivity, employee wellbeing, and a 200% return on investment.

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