During the interview process, many organizations will be analyzing whether you’re a good match for their teams and the company at large. How do you prepare to show you’re a good fit for the organization?

  • Learn about their values: These can usually be found on a company’s website — often in their mission statement or on their careers page. If you run into a dead end on their website, try LinkedIn. It’s a great way to learn more about the initiatives your potential employer identifies with and supports. Knowing this, you can prepare to answer questions by sharing examples, explanations, and stories that demonstrate the organizational values you identified.
  • Learn about their goals and show how you can contribute: Alignment with a common mission or shared vision is a key characteristic of high performing teams and organization. When looking to hire people, managers will naturally be drawn to the candidates who share their vision and goals.
  • Understand how they communicate: Every organization uses a particular internal vocabulary or lingo — the words they use to describe their values, mission, or even themselves and how work gets done. Are there specific words they use? Observe what medium they use to communicate? Do they use a lot of visuals? See if you can include these in your interview responses.
  • Dress appropriately:  To prepare to meet with your interviewer, learn about what people are wearing in that industry. Look up profile pictures or media coverage, if available, of some of the leaders or employees of the company, specifically the department you’ve applied to. Or simply, ask the recruiter you’re working with or reach out to someone in the company via LinkedIn to understand what the most suitable dress code would be for an interview.

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