Everyone in your organization shows up to work everyday looking to answer two fundamental questions: “Do I matter?” and “Do I belong?” Your job as a leader is to make sure they never doubt that the answer is yes. Dignity is the key to your leadership that shows them the answer is, indeed, yes.

Dignity is defined as being worthy of respect or honor. While we may think of rulers and kings when we hear that term, in recent years, many have come to understand that true dignity recognizes the inherent value of every person, no matter their station in life.

Regardless of the setting, dignity can be a powerful tool — but it can be especially important in circumstances where accountability matters. Fairly and equitably acknowledging each team member’s contributions and roles is vital for creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

In short, dignity is the foundation of true respect — and it also fuels the strongest type of accountability and performance possible.

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