In the wake of the Great Resignation, many business leaders may feel like their teams are in shambles. The United States recently hit a record mark, with 5 million more job openings than unemployed people.

While a desire to earn higher wages certainly plays a role in this shift, research from McKinsey & Company helps put things in greater perspective. They found that the two most common reasons employees left (or considered leaving) wasn’t money.

Instead, 54% reported that they felt their contributions weren’t valued by their organization, while 51% didn’t have a sense of belonging at their place of employment. While there are several issues that can contribute to these sentiments, they ultimately come down to two key factors: purpose and community.

Humans wake up every morning looking to answer two fundamental questions about the place they work: Do I matter? And Do I belong? Your job as a team leader is to make sure your people never doubt that the answer to both questions is, “Yes.” If you want to strengthen your team, these areas must become a top priority. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to build and retain any kind of team at all.

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