“Be Water” is one of Bruce Lee’s most famous philosophical quotes from a 1971 interview that perfectly encapsulates the importance of freedom for a creative mind to perform at its most optimum. And it’s this optimization of creative thinking that has the strongest potential to unlock future growth as most industries continue to be challenged in 2023. 

We see this belief in the power of optimizing creative thinking from a recent Deloitte survey of 1,015 executives, which shows that creativity contributes to real growth and is an increasing business necessity as we continue responding to recent challenges.

In this survey, high-growth brand respondents (defined as those with annual revenue growth of at least 10%) are more likely to have the mindset and processes to allow creativity to flourish than their negative-growth peers. Not only are higher-growth brands seen as more likely to view creative ideas as essential to long-term success, they are also more likely to create an environment that supports creative thinking to ensure their high growth levels continue.

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