I’ve been making a dream board with my work colleagues for 30 years. In case you’re new to the concept, a dream board consists of all one’s goals, both personal and professional, in the form of photos and magazine clippings, arranged on a piece of cardboard. I also turn my dream board into my screensaver, so my goals and intentions are with me always. 

While I am continually amazed at how these visual collages seem to focus my mind on what I aim to achieve—from tangible goals like a new sofa or a meditation retreat, to new and ideal clients, revenue goals, and increasing my hiking endurance—I have a new idea. 

What about making a dream board with a counterintuitive intention: I want to have a joyous and fulfilling life, even if none of my current intentions are realized? What if I am already enough?

See, I have an aversion to setbacks. (I’ve tried seeing setbacks as learning opportunities, but my mind doesn’t buy that idea.) So, whether I achieve my goals or hit roadblocks along the way, I’d like to cultivate a mind that’s friendlier, calmer, and more resilient amidst the storms. 

Here’s the culmination of what I’ve learned in my 30 years of financial advising and meditation practice about priming the mind for success, independent of what happens to us or what we achieve. 

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