As the first quarter draws to a close, the economic outlook for what remains of 2024 is uncertain. In the United States, broad optimism that the Federal Reserve would cut rates multiple times this year has given way to reluctant recognition that any rate cuts—should they come at all—likely won’t materialize until the second half of the year.

Despite the economic storminess, there’s no real sense that the sky is falling. Many corporate leaders are bullish on the broader economy. Yet it’s also clear that the days of easy money—the product of a long period of near-zero interest rates—are over. Tomorrow’s winners will need to be bold, resourceful, and persistent.

With that in mind, CEOs who are eager to seize market share in 2024 and beyond should focus on refining their product, sales processes, and brand positioning this year. These four initiatives show promise for offering the highest ROI.

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